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Help us create policy change that changes lives

"TCF's research and advocacy helped workers to fight for life saving funding from pandemic unemployment programs." - Stephanie Freed, Co-Founder and Executive Director of

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Creating equitable change, and putting racial and class-based disparities behind us, is now more necessary than ever. Over our long history, The Century Foundation (TCF) has led policy change that does just that. Now, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to usher in many of the progressive policies that TCF has championed for years: Make a donation today to help us get them over the finish line!

Thanks to your support in 2021, we have had some great success, including historic increases in unemployment assistance, the long-fought-for expansion of the child tax credit. During the COVID-19 crisis, the government stepped up, and millions of people’s lives were made tangibly better thanks to policy.

But here’s the thing: while we witnessed what can happen when we enact progressive policy, our work is far from over. In the weeks and months to come, we have a chance to enact universal, free preschool and the largest investments in child care in America’s history; make game-changing investments in Black maternal health; make higher education more affordable and increase investments in HBCUs; expand quality job training opportunities and boost manufacturing; and promote school and housing integration.

Our expert staff is dedicated to providing essential and brave policy recommendations, backed by countless hours of rigorous research. They are connected to legislative leaders and are poised to do their part—but they need your help. Make a donation today to ensure that we have even greater impact in the months ahead.